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Find Your Focus (1 Hour)
Being productive is great, but if our daily actions are not connected to a greater sense of purpose, are we really spending our time well? Find Your Focus is a mindfulness workshop that will help you work out what you want, the actions you need to take and how to stay on track each day. Discover how the practice of meditation and mindfulness can help you sort out your priorities, take inspired action and stay focused on accomplishments that offer you a sense of true fulfilment.

Connect to Calm (1.5 Hour) For many of us, stress is just a byproduct of our everyday lives that we've learned to cope with, but it's important to deal with and resolve the causes of stress, because when left unchecked, stress can trigger mood disorders that can affect our mental health. In this ‘Connect To Calm’ mindfulness workshop, you will learn simple mindfulness techniques you can practice each day to relieve stress and connect to a sense of calm within.

Believe In You (1.5 Hour) A lack of confidence is one of the major reasons many of us don’t live up to our true potential. For so many of us fear and self-judgment block us from sharing our unique point of view, speaking up and connecting with others. In this workshop we will explore the underlying factors that lead us to live in a space of self-doubt, fear, and insecurity. You will discover practical ways of building your confidence and mental resilience through mindfulness techniques for silencing the ‘inner critic’ and overcoming limiting beliefs.

Mood Boost Mindfulness (45 mins)
Feeling low and unmotivated is something we all experience from time to time - its perfectly normal! In this session, we will explore how the practice of mindfulness can boost our mood and help us overcome those periods of feeling a little down. Discover a series of simple exercise that will help you refocus your outlook on life, feel motivated and increase your ability to find happiness from within and a sense of fulfilment as you go about your workday.

Mindful Eating Basics (1 hour)
Our Mindful Eating session introduces participants to mindfulness and the practice of mindful eating. This session will explain how having a better understanding of - how we eat, what we eat and why we eat, can allow us to develop healthier habits around food and enjoy the experience of eating more. This is a valuable session for those looking to manage weight naturally and make more conscious food choices while at work and at home.

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