Information on this site is not therapy, clinical or physcological advice we do not hold a clinical/patient relationship with our clients or any individuals. Our intention is to offer education, awareness and guidence on how research based mindfulness and mediation techniques can help people better manage stress, feel more calm and improve focus. We do not claim to have information or expertise in the areas of serious mental health issues including depression or anxiety. Please use the information you find on this site for inspiration and guidence on improving your health and wellbeing but if you are experiencing serious mental health issue we strongly advice you seek the help of a professional.

Our MB facialiators and teachers do not treat or diagnose any medical or mental health conditions and do not reccomend any meditation or mindfulness programs that have not been advised by a doctor or medical professional.

if you are in need of therapy or are suffering through a crisis…

Please refer to the following mental health resources and centres for information on how you can find a professional to help you.

Mind Mental Health Charity

Mental Health Foundation

Better Health

NHS Directory